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Welcome to my site. My name is Lynne Northcott AKA Jogonhijabi and I live in London, UK. I am a child and adolescent counsellor by profession, also specialising in addictive behaviours. I am also a keen runner and my hope is to unite people of diverse backgrounds through the love of running and sports.

I promote the message that through running we can feel physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually more fulfilled.

Through running and sports we can live a healthy, holistic, lifestyle that can promote well-being, lift self-belief and self esteem, give us hope and a focus and help us feel happier as individuals and as a community.

In April 2018 I completed my first marathon with a charity place with Penny Appeal in the Virgin London

With my family by the 1st water well

Marathon. With family, friends and community behind me, I managed to raise £17,000 to build water wells in the Gambia. In December 2017, a family holiday gave me the opportunity to go and visit the first water well in the Busumbala Sanchaba village and meet the very people, who’s lives were changed by the new water well. In the Gambia, individuals, mainly women and children, have to walk for miles on a daily basis to collect and carry water back to their homes. It was an honour to be a part of something so special.

Since then, my aim to is work with my local community here in the UK to promote running and bring my professional background together with my running experience to support local people to foster better mental health through running and sports. As a soon to be Run Leader with England Athletics, I hope to lead small groups of runners of all abilities and help them to overcome emotional difficulties and bring about a positive change they can then go on to nurture themselves through running.

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