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Jog on Hijabi on a mission for fresh water
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Jog on Hijabi on a mission for fresh water

As part of her preparations for the London Marathon 2018, Lynne Northcott, better known as Jogonhijabi, took part in a gruelling ten miler in Harlow along with 250 other runners. The run took place on a tough multi-terrain course and was organised by Harlow Running Club. Lynne joined eight of her fellow Dagenham88 runners to complete the course. 

Jog on Hijabi is fundraising for UK charity Penny Appeal to provide clean water in The Gambia. After completing her run she commented, “I did this race because it is part of my marathon training. This ten mile course was the longest distance I have ever run. I found it quite challenging around mile eight but pushed myself to finish by thinking of the tired and thirsty people of The Gambia for whom I am raising money.”

Lynne hopes readers will follow her exploits on Instagram and Twitter  “jogonhijabi” and help provide the moral support and boost she needs to keep increasing her miles. Her next race is the Royal Parks Half Marathon next month.

Follow “jogonhijabi” on:
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jogonhijabi/
twitter: https://twitter.com/Jogonhijabi1

To donate to Lynne’s PennyAppeal go to:


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