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As a runner, athlete or someone who likes to stay fit and work out, but who also covers their hair, finding the right hijab that ticks all the boxes can be a challenge. I have created a sports hijab that is not only professional and functional but looks amazing on.  It does tick all the boxes. I have created two styles to meet the needs of as many of you as I can.

First up is the Jog On Air-Tech Sports Hijab. With its air pores and dri-fit fabric you will stay cool and dry even in the hottest conditions. I think you will agree that if frames the face beautifully, complimenting every face shape. Available in three sizes and three colours.

Secondly, is the Jog On Multi-Style Sports Hijab. Why compromise on your usual style when working out? Whether you wear a turban, wrap, knot or regular hijab style – this sports hijab in active fabric will keep you covered while cool and dry. Go to www.jogon.org now to order yours!

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