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1 day ago
Thanks for the offcuts of laminate @BandQ
We have donated to @Shelter
And helped team @LSEGplc with their 2.6 challenge https://t.co/qvmT8ylnnM
2 weeks ago
Well done @Barnes_Rugby This is so thoughtful. Being inclusive isn't tick boxing it is just being YOU. Having met some of your ladies I know this comes from a place of genuine care and kindness https://t.co/RSDeS33ZGd
4 weeks ago
Enough is enough.
Since #UKLockdown began, #domesticabuse cases have increased significantly, but support is out there to make it stop.
Call our Helpline Practitioners on; 0808 802 3333, or use our web-chat service: https://t.co/vcF7TQKGwB
#LetsEndTheSilence @pennyappeal https://t.co/2qZ9Ob9e5G
4 weeks ago
Mainstream advice on mental health has become as patronising as "wash your hands while singing happy birthday twice" @JogOnSportsWear #mentalhealth #MentalhealthduringCovid19 https://t.co/DSZ3Z0KNVb
4 weeks ago
Ramadan and mental health during lockdown. Hope someone benefits from my wobbly thoughts https://t.co/pmmIbgEEdX
1 month ago
Extra discounts for keyworkers when it's hot and sweaty under your PPE a Jog On Sports Hijab will really help you feel cool and dry https://t.co/QQLy7smOPu Private msg @JogOnSportsWear for code https://t.co/QIv44LWbct https://t.co/QkQG0qyjrR Jogonhijabi1 photo